Were back

We are back, and we aren’t leaving again. I think… So I guess it’s time to get jobs and work for the rest of the summer. Time to catch up with friends and get ready for college. Hope everyone’s summer has been good and I will talk to all of you soon.


well it was fun and all, we’re on our way back home and we’ll be back in Tucson around 8pm so anyways here are some pictures that we took while we were there. It’s not all of them but it is the good ones from the first couple of days.
EpcotDisneyWorldLego DragonLego DogLego GirlLego SharkThe IncrediblesMonsters Inc.Honey I Shrunk The Kids PlaygroundMegan became an actressCinderellas CastlePlutoEpcot lakeJapanAladdinWeird boat thing


We didnt have Internet access anywhere so we had to wait till we got back to the airport. Just in case anyone is still trying to look for pictures you can go to the website where the disney professional photographers took the pictures. Email me at superpenguin9@gmail.com and I will send you the info to see the pictures. I will also post some of the pictures we took shortly.

Off to DisneyWorld

We are officially off again on another trip to DisneyWorld. Right now we are hanging out at the airport in Pittsburgh. We already ate at TGIF and are now waiting for our airplane. Megan and Maggie are off exploring and trying to figure out what’s going on becuase the flight that was suppose to take off before us is delayed and we might leave before they do which I think is pretty funny. Not for them of course. Well we havnt taken any pictures because I didn’t know the airport would have wireless. Next time I may actually be ready to post. So anyways I guess I have nothing else to really tell you all except that the flight went fine and we are officially 3 hours later than all of you guys back in Tucson.
—I Wonder when it will be when we find some internet again????—

Disneyworld here we come!

So yes we are home but we are taking off to go to Orlando. We are going to keep the website for the trip so make sure to continue to check it and make comments (we love reading all the comments). We leave on Sunday so stay tuned!

Were back…

Yes, we arrived in town last night at 11:30. The drive wasnt too bad. We stopped for around 3 hours to sleep and then megan and I switched from driving and sleeping until we got home. The total mileage was around 5,080. Thats rough estimate though, considering we had to switch vehicle’s and we forgot to calculate part of the drive. But anyways, were back so come throw us a party.

So in Canada the graduation is different then ours. They have the whole walk across the stage thing and then they have a banquet that everyone dresses up for. It is kinda like our prom but with Family there too. Nicole’s dress was beatiful and all my friends looked awesome. The banquet was a little long for those who didn’t really know alot of people and we had a few family members fall asleep. But now we are done with high school graduations, all the family is done. The next day we went to Sylvan Lake and showed Kyle around. We leave today around 4 pm and will be home as soon as possible! It will take a few days so everyone get ready for a party when we get home!!!
GradMuriel, Nicole, MeganMegan and KimWhitney and MeganRollo and BusterKyleMegan and Kyle Kyle milking the cow

Calgary Zoo

So yes, we went to yet another zoo. It was very fun actually. We spent a total of 4 hours there which makes the Calgary zoo one hour longer than the Portland zoo. We took a bunch of pictures and it was tough trying to cut the pictures down enough to put on this site. I decided i would put a lot of the baby animal pictures up. There happen to be a lot of animals there that had just had babies. It was pretty cool. I also saw my favorite animal ever! Even though they are endangered the Calgary zoo had one! A Spider Monkey!!! there is also put a picture of me and megan stuck in traffic after leaving the zoo. Yes there was an actual traffic jam in Alberta, who’d have thought? eh!?
Kyle on the climbing rocksBaby big horn sheepBaby white mountain sheep thingMegan and bearSpider Monkey!!!!!!!Monkey with baby clinging underneathmonkey holding babycrazy elephantsGorillaMe and GorillaLonely Gorilla who was left outside for getting in a fightOne big snakeyeah, you like itTraffic

West Ed Mall

So todays journey led us to the West Edmonton Mall. It was big as ever and quite fun. We both bought some Canadian shirts and other stuff. Not much really to say except what the pictures will tell you…Ohhh yeah and we followed a penguin around the mall that some trainers were walking with. We also took aunt Linda’s quad down to the river and our good pal Buster (the dog).
West Ed AlienBungee JumpArrr Matey. Megan by the Indoor roller coasterRollercoaster KylePenguin!!!She was caughtWatch out for the trainHarvey’s? HmmmIts the riverBuster/Kyle getting ready to leave

Mile 3000!!!

So officially we hit the mile 3000 mark on our way up to the West Edmonton Mall. Been one heck of a long trip!
Mile 3000!