Our dinner

So this is a picture of our dinner on the first night. Let me tell you it was very interesting, a little Ethiopian place with no silverwhere. Yes, we ate everything with our fingers. Curtis loves it and Kyle liked it but me well it was ok. The meats were all good but the thing you ate it with was a little weird. But it didn’t kill me.

Welcome to Portland

So we all slept in the car, good thing I am as small as I am. We left in the morning around 8 am and started our way to Portland. These 6 hours felt like the longest 6 hours. But we made it just fine. Thats a picture of Tiger who I have realized does not like girls.
Portland tiger

Crescent City, California

This is where we meet some friends of Curtis and decided we would camp the night there. There was a really cool playground that all of us thought was soo cool.

Crescent CityKyle and Curtis in the submarineKyle in Jailplaying on the play groundCurtis- always a kid at heartPlay groundClimbing the Tree

Leaving the drive through tree.

On the road from the drive through tree curtis yells, “PULL OVER!” We’ll more confused than anything else I pulled over and we found around 27 elk on the side of a creek we were driving by. We also went to the Paul Bunyan red wood “trees of mystery” Took lots of pictures and had plenty of fun.

ElkElkcrazy meelk curtisKyleKyle in tree trunkcurtis/redwoodKyle/BluePaulKyle and Megan/red woodtree on treetall tree’smegan/kyleKyleredwoodsKyle/CurtisKyleMegan’s backMegan’s front

To the Redwoods

Off in the morning (not too early) to the Redwoods. And Megan drove for the first time on the high way I have proof, which was a lovely drive. First stop was the drive thru tree. OH how cool was that. Chris don’t worry Megan didn’t hit anything on the way through. Maybe a few scratches but no major dents. joking.

red wood drive through treefallen over red wooddrive through tree


Ukiah Brewing CompanyLet me tell you this was the most exciting place. We checked into our hotel at 8:00 pm and wanted to find some food. We traveled the main street looking for somewhere when we found a brewery. Curtis got all excited so that was where we ate. We heard and saw some very strang things let me tell ya. Saw old ladies dancing like monkey’s around the floor and overheard old men telling others about their dissabilities — not normal dinner talk dissabilities either. Man that place was hoppin’. The food was good and we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Mile 1000!

Mile 1000We reached mile 1000 which was surrounded by beautiful country. Imagine miles and miles of grapes.

Welcome to San Francisco

So your always happy to enter the city you’ve been driving to for 6 hours, but it takes something out of it when you hit traffic! or an accedent! No worries though, it cleared up very quickly. San Francisco was a fun town, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. We also stopped to take pictures of the bridge and Alcatraz. We also stopped for coffee that was a little dissapointing. $5 slice of cake and not very good coffee plus you had to pay for the internet connection (which we decided not to use). Yet we did get some very good Stawberries for the drive to Ukiah.

GGBGolden Gate BridgeAlcatraz

Ahh look at the seals

Seals, Kyle, and Megan.Oh, and I guess Megan and Kyle look cute too! ;) Here we are at Monteray Bay, CA. A quick stop for lunch and a walk along the beach scoping out the local sea life.

Leaving the G-Parents

us with grandparents in front of thier houseSo we are off at 7:00 in the morning. I thought school was out meaning sleeping in and not doing anything, not for us I guess. We leave and run into traffic, not usual for southern California. We pass by Six Flags and were going to stop but didn’t want to leave Curtis in the car asleep.