Rain Rain go away

We decided to go walk around downtown but we didn’t notice it was raining. We walked out and it was just a sprinkle and both of us thought we would be fine. We get on public transportation and get off at a stop not really knowing where we were. We went and found the train station that I had been to once a long time ago but really didn’t remember. Then it was time for food. We found this nice place called Manzana, which had really good chicken sandwiches. Then it started to rain a little harder but kyle wanted to find this Elephant place which is like a deli. So we went on the hunt as the rain started to downfall more and more. After we found it Kyle said “lets go see the rose gardens , they look really cool when they have water on them.” So we go on another journey looking for the rose gardens. By the time we find then we are both soaked. but the roses were very pretty and smelled awesome. Cold and wet I wanted to go back to the apartment to change before we met Curtis in two hours. We finally made it back when Curtis calls and says to get on the bus in 20 mins to come meet him. We walked around and saw some huge fountains and had some coffee.
Union Station Kyle drunk rosesrosesrose gardenmore rosespink roseus all wetmeganwet legshuge fountainrivercool coffee

Wow you guys look like you are having so much fun. I am having fun just checking out the site I feel like I am there with you guys, I wish I was. Kyle you are such a goofy kid, Megan I hope you are not having too much trouble with him. just kidding. How long are you guys going to be gone for? Well I hope you guys are having a blast it looks like you are.

haha Harvey looks dead sexy when his hair is wet like that hahahaha j/k

I wish I was there too. It looks so nice there in Portland, my mom would have loved to see the rose garden, it is so beautiful.

haha, looks like somebody had an accident. its ok, they make pills for overactive bladders.