To the zoo we go

The Portland zoo is sooo much better then the Tucson zoo. The landscape is so much better since it is in a park with lots of big green trees. The animals were all playful and we enjoyed our time there. Then we walked down to the rose gardens and walkee around more this time considering it was not raining. We then met Curtis downtown and went and had a little snack. Then we came back to the apt. for some rest.
otterTigerPolar bearbald eagleElkwalkmegan and roseroses everywhere


Please fly me into Portland…it is so pretty! WE miss you both.

Hey! keep on trucking you 2. cuz u guys rock the boat! yay!

did you really get that close to an elk? theyre pretty scary animals, like bald eagles. theyre huge.

they may be scary tim, but they taste good.