So as most of you know I’m not a big Nike fan but today we went on a tour of the “Nike Campus”. One of Curtis’s friends works for Nike so she gave us a tour and then took us to the employee store where everything is 50% off. Oh yeah and we saw Michael Jordan’s car!!! Well we both bought a pair of shoes and some clothes. We love the shoes.
MJ carMJShoes


Megan although you did buy some nikes I am very jealous of you too!! I go on everyday and look at your guys posting cuz it is so cool to see all this awesome stuff you guys are doing. keep the postings coming it gives me something to do!!


Megan how much did you pay for the shoes? Are they my size? I like the red.

Megan and Kyle I want you to go back and get me that car!!! I just tried to call you but you must be out of service.
Will talk to you later. Please thank Curtis for us for putting up with you.
Love Ya

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, matching shoes, how cute. you guys might get confused as twins now :)

daaanng, i thought you guys woudl send emails everytime somethign new happened i didnt know you guys would update this without warning, so im waaay behind. love the pics, and im very jealous of the nike tour.