Today’s laziness

Well today was our last day of being lazy. We got out of bed around 10 and didnt really do anything until megans cousins band concert which was at 7. After that we went and got ice cream at “The Little Ice Cream and Soda Shop” by her old house. We then played a game of pool that ended not too long ago, and now its time for bed. Tomorrow we are going to the Edmonton mall so we will probably have a bunch of pictures to post.
Band ConcertIce CreamYummmmmPoolMegan/Pool


awe, i could eat you guys up like ice cream right now, youre so cute. No seriously, im dying of hunger. Good to see you guys having fun.

Hey Guys!
Look’s like your having so much fun! I wish i could be there…. But I’m having to much FUN in Georgia!!!! Lookin at some CUTE guys!!!! Well hopefully you guys enjoyed eating all that ice cream without me….. Well Have Fun before it’s over and you have to go back home with boring family members! Love Ya’ll Both!!!! Cari Lynn

Who’s she calling boring family members!!! Must be your family Kyle!!!!
You know I’m kidding (or am I)

Boring family members???? I’m going to remember that!!!