West Ed Mall

So todays journey led us to the West Edmonton Mall. It was big as ever and quite fun. We both bought some Canadian shirts and other stuff. Not much really to say except what the pictures will tell you…Ohhh yeah and we followed a penguin around the mall that some trainers were walking with. We also took aunt Linda’s quad down to the river and our good pal Buster (the dog).
West Ed AlienBungee JumpArrr Matey. Megan by the Indoor roller coasterRollercoaster KylePenguin!!!She was caughtWatch out for the trainHarvey’s? HmmmIts the riverBuster/Kyle getting ready to leave


Megan Chaz is going to be very jealious

haha the Chevrolet jacket is p i m p lol

That roller coaster looks exciting…did you ride it or just pose in front of it???

Looks like you guys are having a great time but don’t forget where your home is…we miss you!!

That Rollar Coaster is in the Mall??? God that’s not fair….. I wish Our mall was that cool!!!! Well Have Fun! Love Ya’ll! Cari Lynn!