Calgary Zoo

So yes, we went to yet another zoo. It was very fun actually. We spent a total of 4 hours there which makes the Calgary zoo one hour longer than the Portland zoo. We took a bunch of pictures and it was tough trying to cut the pictures down enough to put on this site. I decided i would put a lot of the baby animal pictures up. There happen to be a lot of animals there that had just had babies. It was pretty cool. I also saw my favorite animal ever! Even though they are endangered the Calgary zoo had one! A Spider Monkey!!! there is also put a picture of me and megan stuck in traffic after leaving the zoo. Yes there was an actual traffic jam in Alberta, who’d have thought? eh!?
Kyle on the climbing rocksBaby big horn sheepBaby white mountain sheep thingMegan and bearSpider Monkey!!!!!!!Monkey with baby clinging underneathmonkey holding babycrazy elephantsGorillaMe and GorillaLonely Gorilla who was left outside for getting in a fightOne big snakeyeah, you like itTraffic


for some reason it seems that the gorilla there looks very agitated…hmmmm what did u guys do to it?


Megan when did you grow horns?

That picture of you guys in traffic is adorable! It captures Kyle’s great smile and Megan’s bright eyes- very cute. The zoo looks like it was fun, did you get attacked by any of those large turkey-looking birds like we did when we went? Have a good drive home tomorrow!