So in Canada the graduation is different then ours. They have the whole walk across the stage thing and then they have a banquet that everyone dresses up for. It is kinda like our prom but with Family there too. Nicole’s dress was beatiful and all my friends looked awesome. The banquet was a little long for those who didn’t really know alot of people and we had a few family members fall asleep. But now we are done with high school graduations, all the family is done. The next day we went to Sylvan Lake and showed Kyle around. We leave today around 4 pm and will be home as soon as possible! It will take a few days so everyone get ready for a party when we get home!!!
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hi guys! i´m on my last day in munich right now. maybe we´ll get home at the same time. just wanted to say hi to you guy from europe. sounds like you guys had fun! love you both! hi to everyone in tucson too!

Kyle what kind of milk did you get out of that cow? Drive safe guys will see you soon.

oooo ill be ready for sumthin when you 2 get back. thats fo sho!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!
I hope you guys had fun on your roadtrip that sadly is coming to an end… Just a couple more days until you come home! Sadly can’t be there to see you guys… Haha not… JK! I hope you guys had a lot of fun. And I miss you guys sooo Much! Soon as you guys get home you have to start packing to go to Flordia… Maybe i’ll see you guys…. It depends probably not! You should drive to Georgia and come visit us… well you are there even though you probably won’t have any time…. Well Love Ya’ll! Cari Lynn!