Off to DisneyWorld

We are officially off again on another trip to DisneyWorld. Right now we are hanging out at the airport in Pittsburgh. We already ate at TGIF and are now waiting for our airplane. Megan and Maggie are off exploring and trying to figure out what’s going on becuase the flight that was suppose to take off before us is delayed and we might leave before they do which I think is pretty funny. Not for them of course. Well we havnt taken any pictures because I didn’t know the airport would have wireless. Next time I may actually be ready to post. So anyways I guess I have nothing else to really tell you all except that the flight went fine and we are officially 3 hours later than all of you guys back in Tucson.
—I Wonder when it will be when we find some internet again????—


look at me posting…and in about 15-20 min going to work gunna miss the damn game tonight! gargh!!! hope yas have fun agin. peace

I hope you have so much fun! I need a vacation!

Go on Space Mountian for me a lot,(is there even a space mountian in Disney World?) Well, hope you guys are having a blast either way!

damn no updates….i guess no access which means i have to wait to hear from yas when ur back…boo hoo hoo :(