Today’s laziness

Well today was our last day of being lazy. We got out of bed around 10 and didnt really do anything until megans cousins band concert which was at 7. After that we went and got ice cream at “The Little Ice Cream and Soda Shop” by her old house. We then played a game of pool that ended not too long ago, and now its time for bed. Tomorrow we are going to the Edmonton mall so we will probably have a bunch of pictures to post.
Band ConcertIce CreamYummmmmPoolMegan/Pool

New hair new ear—

-rings. We got our Hair cut today and megan also got earings. We also went to the mall and to a park but didnt take any pictures there. We will start posting more pictures now that we have access to the internet. Even though it is dial-up. :(
Hair cutsearings

Welcome to Canada

We couldn’t find wireless internet so we have not updated in a while, sorry. We had lunch yesterday with my friend Kim and then we hung out the rest of the day. The picture’s include coming into Canada, lunch, parks and the river. Enjoy! Oh yeah the first picture is mile 2000.
Mile 2000bcDriving MountainKyle by the riverBoth of us by the riverKyle on playgroundKyle at Bower PondMegan at Bower PondsMile High Mud Pie

Thank you

We had the best time in Portland and can’t wait to come visit again. Thank you for putting up with us, we really appreciate it. Also thank you for making the website for us, everyone loves it!! You are the best.
Megan and Kyle

The Drive to Canada

We left Portland on the 3rd at 9:00 and made our way to a place called Cranbrook. We crossed the border fine and made it in at 6:00 which is 7:00 their time. We went and ate and then went to bed. Woke up and started driving again. We made it into Red Deer at 3:00 and visited Grandma and Grandpa. We went over to Aunt Linda’s shop and then went out to her house. We went out to dinner with Grandpa, Grandma, Linda, and David. We will post pictures tomorrow when we can use the laptop. Bye for now!!


So as most of you know I’m not a big Nike fan but today we went on a tour of the “Nike Campus”. One of Curtis’s friends works for Nike so she gave us a tour and then took us to the employee store where everything is 50% off. Oh yeah and we saw Michael Jordan’s car!!! Well we both bought a pair of shoes and some clothes. We love the shoes.
MJ carMJShoes

To the zoo we go

The Portland zoo is sooo much better then the Tucson zoo. The landscape is so much better since it is in a park with lots of big green trees. The animals were all playful and we enjoyed our time there. Then we walked down to the rose gardens and walkee around more this time considering it was not raining. We then met Curtis downtown and went and had a little snack. Then we came back to the apt. for some rest.
otterTigerPolar bearbald eagleElkwalkmegan and roseroses everywhere


For dinner we went to a little Thai place out of a small house. It was very good, all of us enjoyed it. Then we went and saw Madagascar. Oh yeah and we saw a movie poster for Harry Potter!!
Harry Potter

Rain Rain go away

We decided to go walk around downtown but we didn’t notice it was raining. We walked out and it was just a sprinkle and both of us thought we would be fine. We get on public transportation and get off at a stop not really knowing where we were. We went and found the train station that I had been to once a long time ago but really didn’t remember. Then it was time for food. We found this nice place called Manzana, which had really good chicken sandwiches. Then it started to rain a little harder but kyle wanted to find this Elephant place which is like a deli. So we went on the hunt as the rain started to downfall more and more. After we found it Kyle said “lets go see the rose gardens , they look really cool when they have water on them.” So we go on another journey looking for the rose gardens. By the time we find then we are both soaked. but the roses were very pretty and smelled awesome. Cold and wet I wanted to go back to the apartment to change before we met Curtis in two hours. We finally made it back when Curtis calls and says to get on the bus in 20 mins to come meet him. We walked around and saw some huge fountains and had some coffee.
Union Station Kyle drunk rosesrosesrose gardenmore rosespink roseus all wetmeganwet legshuge fountainrivercool coffee


Monday was our first whole day in Portland. We went out to breakfast with some of Curtis’s friends and then went strawberry picking. There were soo many strawberries. I guessed the correct amount of them, 8lbs! They are very yummy. That night we watched the Suns game and then went in the hot tub.
Strawberriesbig and juiciepickingkyle pickingyummyKyleKyle and Megan